This blog aims to represent the abundant scope of India – that is, the scope of india according to the makers of the vacant indian.
No other country in the world ranges that widely and intensely between its own glory and horror, between eternal light and constant darkness, divine days and violent hours. Furthermore, it is often simply hilarious, bizarre, poetic, cruel and mischievous.

Dennis Freischlad is a german poet/writer who has written extensively about India, a nomad who spends a third of his life in and around the subcontinent. He is the main editor of The Vacant Indian and since english is’nt his mother tongue, his lousy-yet-shitty prose shall be excused. The content of this blog is both personal and collective. Thus, if you want to participate to any of the categories and submit material to the vacant indian, please check the „Participate“ section on the main page or write to thevacantindian@gmail.com